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Humber College
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UX design
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4 weeks
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UX Designer
The customers often order cakes that do not look like their expectations from the menu. They do not see the ingredient clearly and do not have the option to take out some of the ingredients.
Develop a cake application with an AI assistant to help the customer choose the cake for them and then use AR experience to help the customer see the cake size and ingredients before ordering
I ran the test on 25 Humber students on Discord server. The result is a bit of a mix. The students are excited with the new idea about using AI to find the cakes that they want and then use AR to display it before they order, they also wonder if these additional features are the must have and whether it will make the application to become heavy and consume a lot of storage in the phone.


Humber Bakery is a mobile phone app that has built in Augmented Reality function in order to show the exactly size of the cake before ordering. The customer can stand outside the store without walking in to scan the QR code. The store is located within Humber College and the customers are both students and professors who are high tech. The goal is to look for an innovative way to safety present the product in an isolated world during the pandemic.

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